Beef Jerky – Is it Keto?

Keto Friendly

Is Beef Jerky Keto?

Yes, beef jerky is Keto Frienly! Beef jerky is produced through lean trimmed meat cut to strips and dehydrated. This type of beef has a long shelf life even without refrigeration. The word jerky has its origin from Quechua word ch’arki meaning dried salted meat. It is a ready-to-eat product and requires no added cooking. Beef jerky is a good keto snack. Carb is low and protein content is high. Lean cuts from topside are not high in fat.

Why it’s keto? Why it’s good for people on a keto diet?

Meal planning as well as snacking is an important component of eating. It is a challenge to be met in a keto diet. Jerky is a good option because of no preparation and no mess. The jerky snack is nutritious, tasty and good in protein. It has almost nil carbs, and very little spices. It helps in meeting keto goals. 

When you pick jerky beef from the shelf go through its nutrition label. Not all jerky is for a keto diet. Some may contain 10g carbs every 1 oz serving. It is nearly half of the daily carbs to be consumed daily. Jerky in normal course is prepared without sugar and preservatives. Addition of high fat along with jerky the diet will be balanced.

Keto is a metabolic state in which the diet is deficient in carbs or sugar for cells to burn and produce energy. The body substitutes this vacuum by burning fatty acids for fuel. Ketones are a metabolic by-product. Keto diet is high fats. Total net carbs consumed in the keto diet is 25-30 gm every day. Let’s choose zero sugar beef jerky and enjoy your Keto diet journey!

Interesting Facts to Know about Beef Jerky

  • Jerky can be prepared also from pork, turkey and pork. The exotic meat like that of buffalo, fish, alligator, etc. Jerky is also available in the market. If you question keto dieters, they will vouch for a jerky beef snack as their favorite.
  • The fat in this jerky is a mixture of saturated and mono-unsaturated fat, which is also consider a healthy option for ketosis.
  • NASA shuttle crew carried jerky beef as snacks in the mid-nineties. Jerky has a big amount of sodium. 1oz. of jerky consists of 15g protein with 600mg sodium. June 12th is celebrated as National Jerky Day.
  • Several European Union countries discourage importing jerky. All lot of documentation must be done to import beef jerky.
Beef Jerky - keto

Beef Jerky Options

Keto Carne has zero carbs, sugar-free and mostly come in a pack of four. It has beef, water seasonings like sea salt, garlic and spices. Preservatives are absent. Old fashioned traditional jerky beef has thick cuts, dried and chewy to eat. Taste is like real meat. Texture akin steak. It is healthy without sugar no carbs, gluten less with high protein. 

There are also many favorite brands of beef jerky among keto community such as People’s Choice Beef JerkyEl NortenoBeef Biltong- Stryve Protein SnacksTillamook or find Jack Link’s Beef Jerky with zero sugar. 


Beef jerky can be supplemented by high-fat eatables like avocado, dark chocolate, hard-boiled eggs, full-fat cheese, sardines, and nuts. Dieters should be cautious of highly processed jerky. This is the modern method of preparing it. The traditional beef jerky is good in a keto diet.

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