Crystal Light – Is it Keto?

It depends, Crystal Light Keto in Moderation
Crystal Light – Is it Keto?Keto in Moderation
Keto Rating: It depends, It is Keto Friendly in Moderation

Crystal Light – How To Use It In Keto-Friendly Diet Plan?

Crystal Light is a powdered artificial sweetener, free of gluten, and contains low calories and low carbohydrate. Therefore, YES, it is keto-friendly. Although it saves you from gaining weight, it causes health issues because of its ingredients such as artificial colors, preservatives, citric acid, maltodextrin, aspartame, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, xanthene, magnesium oxide, soy lecithin, acesulfame potassium, cellulose gums, red 40, maltitol, and yellow 5.

Why it’s Keto? Why it’s not good for people on Keto-diet?

Keto-friendliness is linked with the metabolic state of ketosis that implies little or zero access to carbohydrates, the usual source of body energy. On the contrary, ketosis burns fat and converts it to energy. Crystal light, although being keto-friendly is unhealthy for humans; hence, it shouldn’t be added to your keto-diet.

The sweeteners added to crystal light are the main culprits, the worst being aspartame, sucralose, and chlorinated sugar. Crystal Light contains only five calories/glass. Some flavors are labeled as free from gluten; however, it does not have high nutrition value. You can follow an 60/40 rule when consuming this product.

Interesting Facts to Know about Crystal Light

Crystal Light is a powdered product added to water for enhancing food flavors and sweetness. The single-serve, “On the Go” packet is suitable for two and contains 15 calories/serving. It is popularly used for a get-together as low-calorie healthy lemonade and as an alcoholic beverage mixer.

Nutrition Facts: It is free of fat, sodium, sugar, and calorie content is 0- 15gm per packet with net carb of 0 – 3gm per packet of 2 -4gm. You can get 10% of the clinically recommended daily need for calcium and 10% of the RDA of Vitamin.

Side effects: Aspartame (ingredient) causes dizziness, headaches, irritability, depression, rashes, weight gain, joint pain, memory loss, anxiety and even loss of taste. Other ingredients such as chlorinated sugar and sucralose (Splenda) cause digestion issues, headaches, allergies and disruption of ability of body for absorbing medications.

Product Categories

  • Crystal Light Classic has 35 flavors and ingredients; the health hazards, as mentioned above.
  • Crystal Light Pure uses Truvia as a sweetener in place of Splenda and natural colors in place of aspartame. A slight variant branded as Crystal Light Pure & Pure Fitness has 1 to 3 gm of sugar per serving.
  • Crystal Light Pure Energy has caffeine as one of the ingredients and contains 10% of the RDA of niacin, Vitamin B12, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, and biotin in every 2 grams of serving.

Healthy Crystal Light Substitutes

If you are looking for a good taste and do not prefer simple water, then you may add Crystal Light powder to water occasionally; however, we have healthier substitutes to help you with ketosis. They are sparkling waterbulletproof coffee, and Zevia.


It is not a healthy substitute for sugar. Yet, you can try it in moderation because its nutrition value, fitting to keto. Moreover, you get 35 flavors that would always customize your taste. You need to add the powdered product to water and get a unique beverage of your choice.

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