Erythritol – Is it Keto?

Yes, Erythritol Is Completely Keto Friendly
Erythritol – Is it Keto?Erythritol Is Completely Keto Friendly
Keto Rating: Yes, It is Keto Friendly

Erythritol Sweetener – Is It Keto? Know The Good And Bad!

If you want to opt-out of sugar intake and follow a strict Keto diet, then you should look for the best sweetening option. Yes, Erythritol is a keto sweetener.  This sugar alcohol can be used as sugar substitute. Sugar has 4 cal/g, but this has zero calories. Our small intestine can absorb it and get it out of body quickly. It turns into energy quickly, and there is no chance for it to metabolize.

Why is it, Keto? Why is it a good option for people on Keto diet?

Eating sugar alcohol may cause digestive upset and bloat; therefore, Erythritol isn’t popular in this regard. It is differently used, more like a low-calorie sweetener. Before reaching in colon, it gets absorbed in the bloodstream and circulates in the blood and gets excreted in urine in a day.  It is beneficial for diabetic people with no side effects recorded on insulin levels. Being calorie-free and almost no carbs make this sweetener Ketosis favorable.

Interesting Facts about Erythritol!

Erythritol is found in fruits like mushrooms, pears, and grapes, and informs of fermented glucose like cornstarch. This means you are enjoying 70% sweetness with just 6% calories. Isn’t this great? However, excessive use may result in digestive problems including bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Erythritol and Stevia are the two main ingredients of Truvia (popular sweetener blend.)

Erythritol - Is it Keto
Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bomb made with Erythritol (Source:

The Benefits

Erythritol does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels; neither does it affect cholesterol or triglyceride levels. It is an ideal option for diabetic people. Also, as there is no sugar, it helps in improving dental health by preventing issues like tooth decay or cavity.

The Drawback

Consuming Erythritol in excess may result in some digestive issues. However, the severity may vary from person to person. Excess consumption in shorter duration may lead to issues like bloating, gas, and diarrhea. So, one must be careful about the quantity of Erythritol to be consumed on daily basis.

How to use Erythritol sweetener?

There is no particular way of using it. You can use it like you use normal sugar. You can add it to tea or coffee. You can also use it while baking and also to sprinkle over fruits. The only thing is that you may not get the exact sweetness that you used to experience with regular sugar. Its taste is slightly different; however, you can improve its sweetness by mixing a pinch of stevia with it as it’s greater in sweetness than Erythritol.


Erythritol is 70% as sweet as regular sugar. So you can decide its quantity accordingly. For example, if for any particular recipe you used 1 cup of regular sugar, then you will have to use 1 ⅓ cups of Erythritol.


Erythritol is a low-carb, Keto-friendly sugar alcohol with many health benefits. The nutritional value of foods containing this sweetener may vary depending on the brands in their nutritional value; thereby, you must check the label before buying.

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