Is PBfit Peanut Butter Powder Keto?

No, PBfit All-Natural Organic Peanut Butter Powder Is Only Keto Friendly in a Small Portion
Is PBfit Peanut Butter Powder Keto?Keto Friendly in a Small Portion
Keto Rating: No, It is Keto Friendly in a small portion

Why it is Keto in a small portion?

PBFit Peanut Butter Powder is made with Roasted Pressed Peanuts. It is a natural protein source with an affordable price but less fat for gymer and who need to add protein in their nutrition. It helps you supplement calcium, potassium, iron. In powder form, it is easily to blend with your smoothies, baking recipes. Peanut Butter powder generally has added sugar, which makes it only keto-friendly in moderation.

Nutrition Facts : Serving size is 2 tbsp totaling 16 grams

  • 4 grams of net carbs
  • 70 calories per serving size (140 calories from fat)
  • 2 grams of fat
  • 3g fiber
  • 8g protein
  • 3g Sugar
  • 0mg Cholesteron
  • 125 milligrams of sodium.
  • 124 milligrams of sodium.
  • Ingredients: Organic Peanuts, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Salt
  • Gluten Statement: This product is Gluten Free


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