Ketchup (Tomato Sauce) – Is it Keto?

Not Keto

Ketchup Is Not Keto: How To Make It Keto-Friendly?

Unfortunately, Ketchup is not Keto! Regular ketchup being high in sugar and carbs can easily kick you out of the keto diet plan. You have to spare ketchup if you are cautious about your carbs and sugar intake. These days, a few brands offer organic/sugar-free ketchups, which you may use in small amounts in your ketogenic food plan. Let’s understand why ketchup in excess isn’t keto-friendly.

Why is Ketchup not a keto? Why isn’t it good for people on a Keto Diet?

The primary ingredient of ketchup is tomato; you must eat tomatoes in moderate amounts when you are turning ketogenic. Although an amazing dressing, regular ketchup cannot be a part of a keto diet. It will easily kick you out of your ketosis process; however, you may use some sugar-free and organic ketchup (contains lesser amounts of carbs than the regular ones) as you must not forget that this sauce has certain health benefits too.

Low-cal ketchup is made of tomatoes, vinegar, salt, spices, and pepper. 1tbsp ketchup contains 15 calories, Vitamin A and C. Researchers say that processed/cooked tomatoes contain a higher-level of antioxidant Lycopene, which makes it healthier choice than mayonnaise.

Interesting Facts about Ketchup!

Regular ketchup has a lot of added sugar and corn syrup. 1tbsp ketchup has round 4-5g sugar, which makes is not suitable for keto and low-carb diet plans. Don’t lose hope!

Keto-Friendly ketchup is now available in various brands that make a good dip idea for your low-carb keto food. You can add it up with anything ketos such as eggs, hash browns, meatloaf, keto pizza/burger, and chicken nuggets. It is sure to add a delightful taste to your dish.

You can use homemade ketchup or store-bought unsweetened/organic ketchup. It is a great option for diabetic people too. Don’t worry about the taste; you are sure to love it. It contains low saturated fat and cholesterol, and is rich in potassium and Vitamin A & C, making it great for eyesight and immune health. It is an ideal source of Lycopene antioxidant, which can modulate the cell cycle and reduces prostate cancer cell development.

Keto-Ketchup Options!

Keto Friendly

Yes, ketchup makes anything taste better. There are many other options available for keto-friendly ketchup:

  • Heinz No-sugar Tomato Ketchup: With just 5 calories, 1g net carb, and 1g sugar per one tablespoon, it’s an occasional substitute for people on a keto diet. It has 75% less sugar than the Classic version.
  • G-Hughes Sugar-free ketchup: Sucralose is used to sweeten it, making it 100% sugar-free with mere 1g carb per tbsp. It is the most preferred keto ketchup.
  • AlternaSweets Stevia Classic Ketchup: This ketchup is made specially keeping the ketogenic people in mind. Stevia keto sweetener is used here, offering just 5 cal, 0g net carbs, and 1g sugar per tbsp.
  • Primal Kitchen Unsweetened Organic Ketchup: This ketchup is popular in the Keto community being unsweetened (no dates, no maple syrup/honey.) 1tbsp has only 10 cal, 1g net carbs, and 1g sugar.
Ketchup ( Tomato Sauce) Is it Keto?
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Keto-Friendly ketchup is probably the easiest and basic you can found in low carb sauces. It is rich in vitamin, creamy, sweet, and tart exactly how you want in your keto diet.

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