Marinara Sauce – Is it Keto?

Not Keto

Marinara – Keto Or Not-Keto? Know-How To Make It Keto-Friendly!

Unfortunately, Marinara is NOT Keto! Mariana sauce is like ketchup made from tomatoes and added sugar; however, if no sugar is added it can be used in keto diet; keto sweetener may replace sugar in Mariana to make it keto-friendly. Tomato is the main ingredient; this sugar-free dressing is packed with a lot of health benefits, giving the keto people additional reasons to use this sauce.

Why it’s not Keto? How to make it Keto? Why is it good for people on Keto Diet?

Marinara, when you buy from the market, may contain sugar; therefore, it’s not keto. You must check the ingredients before buying; if there’s no sugar, then its keto. Another alternative is preparing keto Marinara using no-sugar whole tomatoes and without adding sugar at home.

Tomatoes contain natural sugar; it will taste good even if you do not add sugar to this sauce. It also contains garlic and onions, which can bust your daily carb-levels. If you are on a keto diet and want to keep the carb count down, then the marinara sauce is a good option. We recommend you to use it in moderate amount as 100g tomatoes contain about 3.9g carbs of which 1.2g is fiber, making only 2.7g net-carb.

Interesting Facts about Marinara Sauce!

Marinara sauce can make your keto diet mouthwatering. You can mix it with delicious meals such as keto pasta, keto spaghetti squash, and keto chicken parmesan. You can also use it as a topping on your favorite keto pizza and zoodles. It combines as a great keto-dip with grain-free keto breadsticks.

Not only does it make your food tasty, but it also has various other health benefits, especially because of its other ingredients such as oregano and olive oil. It is favorable for people on keto because it can boost your immunity; it can work as an anti-inflammatory; it can keep your heart healthy, and it works well for people who have diabetes.

Marinara Sauce Options!

Keto Friendly

We recommend the below two keto-friendly Marinara sauce brands out of the many available in the American market:

  • Rao’s Marinara Sauce – It contains no-carbs with only 3g sugar, and 80 calories work great for keto diet. It is 100% sugar-free, gluten-free, and cholesterol-free with no artificial colors. This all-natural sauce is rich in Vitamin C with low levels of saturated fats.
  • Yo Mama’s Marinara Pasta Sauce – It contains only 1g/tbsp carbs, 2g/tbsp sugar and 60 calories, which makes it popular among the keto community. It has no sugar, no gluten, low carb and cholesterol, and low sodium, and is made from 100% fresh ingredients. Five different flavors are available; however, you should check the nutritional value for keto.


No-sugar is the key to keto-friendly Marinara sauce. Using it moderately in the keto-diet is the key to good health. Therefore, we advise you to check all the ingredients and the nutritional value of the sauce before using it in your keto diet food plan.

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