Philadelphia Cream Cheese – Is it Keto?

Yes, Philadelphia Cream Cheese Is Keto Friendly
Philadelphia Cream Cheese – Is it Keto?Keto Friendly
Keto Rating: Yes, It’s Keto Friendly

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Is Keto – Know The Dos And Don’ts!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese YES is Keto-friendly. Cream cheese is said to be the best source of fats and low in carb. Philadelphia cheese cream is a famous product used widely and is popular among the keto community because of its serving content; a 28g single-serve cup contains only 1g carb buy 7g fat. So for a low-carb, high-fat diet, this is an excellent spread or dip for your crackers.

Why it’s Keto? And why it’s good for people on a keto diet?

The keto diet is a weight loss program that allows plenty of foods. But you are not going to know which will help you to lose weight and which won’t. Some cream cheese is low in carb, but it is not low in fat. Cheese contains calories, and too many calories are not going to help you in losing weight. Therefore, choosing the best and ideal for Ketosis is essential when you opt in for a selection.

Philadelphia cheese cream is made of pasteurized milk. It is low in carbs and sugar and contains various other nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It contains a good source of protein, calcium and phosphorous; therefore, this cream cheese is highly trusted to prevent bone decalcification when undergoing ketosis. It contains Vitamin A and high-fat amounts.

Interesting Facts to Know about Philadelphia Cream Cheese!

  1. Cream cheese is used in keto or low carb recipes like cream cheese pancakes, keto cheesecake, and keto brownies. There are many tasty recipes of keto for high fat where cream cheese is used. Also, it is a favorite low carb ingredient in keto pizza crusts.
  2. Philadelphia cream cheese sets a standard of quality and taste in any recipe. The famous brand Kraft Food distributes it.
  3. The cream cheese is available in various forms; frosting, brick, spread, whipped cream cheese, dips, and dessert.
  4. Flavored cream cheese variants should be avoided for a keto recipe like strawberry and blueberry. They contain high-carb sugar, so stick with original cream cheese or whipped cream cheese.
  5. Cream cheese is a healthier alternative for butter; therefore, let’s know about the Philadelphia cream cheese carbs for keto per serving/ one tablespoon:
    • A single serving of original Philadelphia cream cheese provides 100 calories. It contains 1g net cab and 7g fat, a great source for the keto diet.
    • Philadelphia dip cream cheese contains 2g of carb and 2.5g-5g of fat depending on the flavor. But the macro content is not that good as the original.
    • Berry flavor Philadelphia cream cheese contains high sugar carb (4g).


For some people, this cream cheese is an ideal choice in terms of less fat and calories for keto. However, remember! This notion is not always true. Cream cheese in a moderate amount is a better choice than butter. You can go for original or whipped Philadelphia cream cheese products to enjoy your keto meal.

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