Ranch Dressing – Is It Keto?

Keto Friendly

Ranch Dressing – Is It Keto? Know How To Consume It On The Keto Diet

Ranch Salad Dressing, Yes, is Keto! It can be easy and quick recipe. This is low carb dressing and can be perfect choice for people who are on Keto diet. Homemade ranch salad dressing can be quickly prepared by using few spices and herbs along with cream, garlic, mayo and more.

It can be included in a Keto-friendly food-plan as it is low in carbohydrates and it can found in any home. This is perfect for anything and easy to prepare at home. If you want to add flavor and freshness to any dish or salad, then you add ranch dressing and enjoy your Keto diet.

Ranch Dressing -Keto

Why it is Keto? Why is it good for people on a Keto diet?

This is low in carbohydrates (normally 1-3g net carbs per 2 tps), high in fat and adds flavor to any dish. It offers you required nutrients and best taste so you can go for it. You can prepare it in many ways at home and store ranch dressing in refrigerator for two weeks. It can make your dishes or salad more delicious.

Nutritional value: If we talk about its nutritious value, then 30 ml serving of this dressing contain 38 calories, 14-16 gm fat, minimal carbs, and 1 gm protein.

Interesting Facts to Know about Keto-Friendly Ranch Dressing

  • While working in Alaska, Steve Henson invented ranch dressing in 1950.
  • Ranch dressing is good for pizza, casseroles, salads, roast vegetables, and a dip of chips. You should, however, remember that your pizza crust and chips are keto-friendly too.
  • Ingredients to make keto-friendly ranch dressing include salt, buttermilk, onion, garlic, herbs, mustard, oil emulsion, keto-friendly mayonnaise, and more. Some people use yogurt and sour cream as a substitute for mayonnaise and buttermilk to keep their ranch dressing 100% keto.
  • The best part about keto-ranch is that it is low in net carbs and high in healthy dairy fats.
  • It is an ideal salad dressing for people suffering from diabetes and people on a weight loss diet plan.
  • You should avoid sunflower oil, soy, and canola oil while preparing homemade ranch dressing; you can choose avocado oil instead as it is a traditional, healthy option to make ranch dressing.
  • Traditional ranch dressing is made of mayonnaise and buttermilk; however, these days, it is available in various flavors.
Ranch Dressing - Is it Keto

Ranch Dressing Options

1. Kraft ranch dressing: It is a perfect on-the-go salad dressing, various meals, and tasty snacks. A pouch of this dressing provides 160 calories with 16g fat, 3g total carbs and 2g sugar. 

2.  Primal kitchen dressing: This organic ranch dressing is Avocado-oil based and keto-friendly, plus vegan. The brand offers various other keto-friendly dressings.  It has 140 calories per serving with 15g fat and 2g carbs

3. Hidden Valley ranch dressing: This popular ranch dressing has 140 calories per serving with 14g fat, 2g carbs and 1g sugar.


Homemade Ranch dressing is a popular salad dressing and good for the people who follow a Keto diet in their daily routine.  It can make your keto meals flavorful.

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