Sparkling Water (Carbonated Water) – Is It Keto-Friendly Drink?


Sparkling water is the perfect alternative to sugary soft drinks, and YES, this is a Keto drink and good for health. If you are looking for sugar-free, healthy drinking options for Keto diet, then you can go for it. It is carbonated water, which brings many health benefits packed with it. It contains no carbs and no sugar; thereby, people on Keto diet choose it. 

Sparkling water has a natural carbonation process with small and fine bubbles. This refreshing keto drink is one of the best ways to keep your body fit.

Why is it, Keto? Why is it a good option for Keto people?

  • It has zero calories.
  • It helps preventing dehydration. It is seen that if you stop consuming carbohydrates, then your body starts shedding water and minerals at much faster rate. This rate of shedding water increases after a couple of days when ketone levels in your body increases. So, consumption of sparkling water is a very good option for people on keto diet as it compensates the water loss without adding any more calories.

Interesting Facts about Sparkling Water!

Sparkling Water (Carbonated Water)
Sparkling Water (Carbonated Water)

Some of the interesting facts about sparkling water are:

  1. It comes from natural sources and is therefore rich in minerals like sulphur, potassium, etc.
  2. It has no artificial sweetener added and hence has zero net carbs and zero calories. It can be the best option for those who are on a low carb diet or keto diet.
  3. In case you are craving for cocktails while on keto diet, you can make one by using sparkling water.
  4. Sparkling water is a great remedy for digestive problems. It has positive effects on the digestive system as it improves swallowing and reduces constipation.

Sparkling Water Options!

There are many other Keto-friendly products or sparkling water varieties that you can use. There is plethora of options available in the market, but you can go with the below-given products that are rich in nutrients and good for your health:

  • San Pelligrino: It has zero calories, no artificial color, low sodium, which makes it Keto-friendly. It is naturally enriched with mineral salts, magnesium, and calcium.
  • Perrier: No calories and no sweeteners make it keto-friendly; you can mix it with cocktails.
  • La Croix: No calories, no sodium, and no sweeteners make this drink a good option for people on the Keto diet.
  • Bubly Sparkling Water: It has various flavors and contains 0 calories and sweeteners.
  • Sparkling Ice: It is also an option for Keto-friendly drinks.


You can find various products and Keto friendly drinks in the market, but you should go with the right one that we have mentioned in this guide. In our opinion, Perrier carbonated mineral water can be the best alternative that you can go with.

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