Splenda – Is it Keto?

No, Splenda Is Only Keto Friendly in a Small Portion
Splenda – Is it Keto?Keto Friendly in a Small Portion
Keto Rating: No, It Is Only Keto Friendly in a Small Portion

Is Splenda Keto-Friendly? How To Choose The Best Product For Ketosis?

No, Splenda (Sucralose) is not Keto! It is made by chlorinating the table sugar. Sucralose is 400 times sweeter than regular sugar and is sold under the brand name “Splenda.” It contains maltodextrin and dextrose, the ingredients which you should avoid in any Keto foods and drinks as they can kick you out of ketosis.

Why it’s not keto?

Splenda is a brand name with many sweeteners products, mainly from sucralose . Splenda comes in powder form and liquid form,  the power form seems to be most popular and can be used occasionally in a diet meal, especially when planned for low net-carb intake. Only about 15% of its sweetening ingredient is absorbed by your body. It curbs your cravings and provides sweetness; however, a certain amount of calories and carbohydrates may pass into your body.

While pure sucralose contains zero calories, Splenda with maltodextrin and dextrose added has 3.36 calories and 1 grams of carb per packet. Therefore, we do not recommend its frequent use.

Splenda is popular choice for sugar substitutes; however, it may lead to a few health issues such as digestive problems, dizziness, and headaches. It is not Keto friendly because it can replace sugar intake and curb down your overall calories and carbs intake but it can raise your sugar blood and insulin levels with its added fillers (maltodextrin and dextrose).

Interesting Facts to Know about Splenda (Sucralose)

  • Splenda, the brand name of Sucralose, is highly in-demand for sweetening coffee, especially at commercial coffee outlets such as coffee shops.
  • It is readily available in the market these days. Just ask for Splenda at any departmental store, and you will get it.
  • Pure Splenda is 400 – 600 times sweeter than sugar; it is not 100% calorie-free, yet it contains minimal calories; thereby, it may be used as a keto-sweetener.
  • Splenda powder is a keto-sweetener, which is made from two forms of glucose – maltodextrin, and dextrose; we do not consider it a healthy choice for ketosis. You may opt for Natural Splenda or Pure Sucralose instead.
  • You must use this form of sucralose moderately as it can raise blood sugar and insulin levels, and in turn, be a reason for your weight gain. It may also affect gut bacteria.
  • You should not make keto-baked items from Splenda as sucralose in it breaks down at high temperatures.
  • Despite all the commercial issues that Splenda faced, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers that sucralose is Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS).


You may use Splenda with sucralose once in a while if there is no other choice. Splenda Naturals Stevia Sweetener is a healthier option than Splenda Sucralose. It contains Stevia and Erythritol, which makes it 100% natural and calorie-free. It doesn’t raise blood sugar levels, unlike Splenda. You can also choose pure forms of Stevia, Erythritol, and Monk fruit as sugar substitutes for your keto-diet.

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