Stevia – Is it Keto?


Stevia: Is It Keto? Know More About This Natural Sweetener!

If you are looking for an ingredient that can add in your keto diet as a sweetener then Stevia is the one. Stevia is the purest form of sugar alternative. The sweetener is derived from the plant Stevia rebaudiana. Keto diet is all about cutting sugar out. Sweeteners are very tricky in the case of Keto; thereby, people may not prefer using them in their keto diet plan. Stevia is a natural plant sweetener making it the healthiest from others.

Why it’s Keto? Why is it a Good Option for Keto diet?

Keto diet is all about low carb, high fat, and no sugar. In most of the scientific studies, this low carb diet has proven to be healthy and beneficial. Sweeteners play a vital role in the keto diet. Modest carb restriction reduces carb or sugar carving after some weeks.The pure extract of Stevia contains a higher level of steviol glycosides. It was what makes stevia sweeter as equivalent to sugar. 

Those who have diabetes and want to be on a Keto diet then Stevia can help you. It is an excellent antioxidant and lowers inflammation. It also keeps your liver healthy and improves blood pressure. It also contains some medicinal properties.

Interesting Facts about Stevia Sweetener!

The Benefits

  • Stevia is Low Glycemic. Glycemic means the level of carbohydrate in foods and how they affect the blood glucose level. The ideal glycemic index required for a human is 56-69. Therefore stevia is the best choice for a sugar substitute in keto.
  • It is Low in Sugar. Stevia got a history to cure diabetes in Paraguay and Brazil. It helps to reduce blood sugar and the level of insulin. Stevia mediates insulin secretion in the best way. When your blood sugar gets high, stevia tells the beta cells to release insulin. Then insulin takes blood sugar from the blood and into the cells. Stevia does not have insulin-stimulating effects. The mechanism helps to prevent low blood sugar also.
  • It can Satisfy Carvings. On a keto diet, some may get fatigued or headaches call Keto Flu.When the transition from burning sugar to fat happens, craving for sweet can happen. It can be satisfied by switching to stevia in recipes of keto.
  • It is Natural and Safe. Like sugar, this stevia is also made from a plant. However, stevia has the benefit of reducing blood glucose levels, improves insulin functions, clean ROS and pull out the brakes on inflammation naturally.

The Drawback

  • It has an unpleasant aftertaste. Many people may not like its aftertaste; therefore, you may add a keto-sweetener such as Erythritol to Stevia to remove the unpleasant aftertaste.

Stevia Options

Stevia comes in powder and liquid form. In powder form typically contains stevia leaf extract, inulin, and silica. Silica is used to keep the powder out of clump formation and inulin is a kind of natural vegetable fiber to promote gut health. Some brands of liquid stevia extracts contain alcohol while some are not. Liquids are completely silica and inulin free but some contain vanilla, caramel or hazelnut extracts for flavored calorie free sweetener.


Stevia provides a much sweeter flavor than sugar. When you cook or bake with stevia, you should follow the conversion chart. Stevia is a natural substitute for sugar with fewer calories and carb intake in your keto diet.

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