Sucralose – Is it Keto?

Keto Friendly

Is Sucralose Keto-Friendly? How To Use This Sweetener For Ketosis?

It is a great challenge for those who try to be healthier. Keto diet is about replacing calorie and carb contain sugar. Thanks to the sugar substitute options available now. One of such a substitute is sucralose. It contains zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar.

Why it's keto? Why is it good for people on keto-diet?

Basically, in terms of a guilt-free replacement for sugar, sucralose is one of the options when you look for a new keto-friendly sugar substitute. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener with zero calories. It is six hundred times sweeter than the sugar but without carbs and calories. As the body does not metabolize the keto diet, Sucralose goes through the body undigested. It lacks digestibility properties that usually sugar possesses.

Sucralose is found in foods and beverages. This natural sweetener contains less than half a gram of carbs for each teaspoon. This sweetener is made with less than five calories per serving.As per FDA guidelines to the manufacturer, they must market the product with zero% calories.

Interesting Facts to Know about Sucralose

  • The sucralose molecule is made of three atoms of chlorine. It helps to intensify the sugar sweetness. The chlorine content in sucralose does not get separated in the body nor accumulates in the body.
  • The body does not call sucralose sugar or carbohydrate. Because it does not affect glucose utilization, secretion of insulin, carbohydrate metabolism or glucose absorption.
  • Scientific studies show sucralose does not allow bacteria growth in teeth and not promotes tooth decay.
  • Sucralose is highly recommended as it tastes like sugar. However, it isn’t an ideal option for baking keto-friendly desserts. It produces compounds that are harmful when exposed to high heat and high temperature. It’s better to use sucralose substitute such as Monk FruitStevia
  • As sucralose combines with the sugar taste with heat and liquid, it increases storage stability required for using all kinds of foods and beverages. This especially happens in acidic products like carbonated soft drinks. Also, it works on dry applications like powder beverages, deserts, or tabletop sweeteners.
  • Sucralose offers easy solubility to use in any food and beverage manufacturers. Its high compatibility allows using in food ingredients, including flavors, preservatives, and seasonings.

The National Weight Control Registry study stated that those who consume low-calorie beverages could able to control their calorie intake. A few observation studies found a connection between the low-calorie sweetener and type 2 diabetes but do not find a direct link between the two.


Many people undergoing ketosis are in the hunt for a sugar replacement in the keto diet. Sucralose is a great option for those who are on a keto diet. Mostly, it is found as a solid powder form that can be used in coffee and smoothies. You can find this artificial sweetener in small packets at restaurants and coffee shops.

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