Truvia – Is it Keto?

Yes, Truvia Is Completely Keto Friendly
Truvia – Is it Keto?Truvia Is Completely Keto Friendly
Keto Rating: Yes, It is Keto Friendly

Truvia: Is It Keto? Know About This Sugar Substitute

Yes, Truvia is Keto. It is a great sugar alternative. It does not add any significant levels of carbs and calories in a keto diet. It keeps the blood sugar level maintained, and is healthy for diabetic patients. Truvia is beneficial for ketosis because it is made with two keto-friendly sweeteners – Stevia and Erythritol. Both are 100% natural; moreover, Stevia is sweeter than sugar, making it popular among the Keto community. Truvia also contains natural flavors, which do not cause any harm to ketosis.

Why is it, Keto? Why is it good for people in a Keto Diet?

Ketosis is a metabolic process where abridging sugar is essential to reach. This process aids in breaking down your stored body fat instead of carbs from producing the required energy. As Truvia has little to no carbs and calories, it does not affect a keto diet. Made up of Stevia leaf extract and Erythritol, Truvia is natural and is a good alternative for sugar.

There are sources which say that large consumption of Truvia can lead to defect in metabolism and weight gain. This happens as our body does not understand the effect of sweeteners that have no carbs or calories. Truvia serves as a great natural sweetener if consumed in small to moderate amounts.

Interesting Facts about Truvia Sweetener!

Truvia is made from three ingredients:

  • Erythritol: Truvia’s primary ingredient is Erythritol (carbs that aren’t absorbed by the body) and keto-friendly extracted from processing corn into food-grade starch and fermenting that with yeast. So the total carbs of Truvia which is 2g/serving from Erythritol do not count as net carbs.
  • Stevia leaf extracts: Stevia leaf extracts constitute 1% of Truvia, as it is 200 times sweeter than sugar; there is no ample need for it.
  • Natural flavors: No artificial colors are used in Truvia, making it a natural product.

Truvia is almost calorie-free. The calorie ratio of sugar to Truvia is 4 to 0.24 but just ¾ tsp of it can give as much sweetness as 2 tps sugar does. It does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels and is healthier than many other sweeteners. It is a great alternative for sugar; however, if you are looking for  natural substitute with no chemical aftertaste, then you should choose Stevia.

Truvia Sweetener Options!

Truvia sweetener is one of the healthiest and options available in the USA market for a keto diet, as it has no significant carb or calories. It is made up of natural ingredients; Stevia leaf extracts, Erythritol, and natural flavors; hence, it is harmless to your health if taken in controlled amounts.

Besides, some Truvia products have sugar added, it’s still lowcarb but it’s not Keto so you should read the label before buying to make sure it’s truly Keto sugar substitute.


After brief speculation, the final decision is in the hands of the one who is dieting. Keto diet depends highly on attaining its metabolic state. Consuming sugar can increase the level of glucose in your body, in turn defeating the purpose of a keto diet; therefore, you need to consider a healthy substitute for sugar.

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